how come

Born and raised in the embracement of a spiritual family I feel blessed by Hairakhan Baba, the great saint and guru my family has been inspired by so much.

The path and the teachings Hairakhan Baba has taught people are of such a great value because through them he makes all religions and spiritual teachings comprehensible and accessible.

My gratitude for Baba’s teachings is beyond words.

on the practise of kirtan

Kirtan is the singing of the names of the divine in a group setting. There are many names of the divine all representing different attributes, different faces of the Self.

The Self, the one reality that is beyond duality, neither nothing nor everything. Everything finds its origin in the Self and eventually dissolves in it.

When we chant the names we call out to our inner teacher, our inner light in a divine form, to take our hand and lead us onto the path of our inner journey to realisation. The realisation that we are already what we were looking for: peace, harmony, happiness, love, bliss… Through harmonizing the breath and tuning in to the divine,  kirtan is a playful element of an ancient practise of Bhakti yoga, the path of surrender.

Just by chanting the divine names, we address the divine joyful presence within.

We chant from the heart into the heart.